Rachel Callan

Hey, I'm Rachel!

I'm a Canadian published & award-winning photographer based in Port Perry & Barrie, Ontario, with a passion for documenting adventurous and authentic memories. I am a tea addict, avid thrifter, music enthusiast, plant-obsessed, hedgie mom, and adventurer.

I have been obsessed with art from a young age and received my first little film camera around the age of 10. I later received my first digital point and shoot camera which I took outdoors to take pictures of my backyard and neighbourhood. When I got my first job, I saved money to purchase a DSLR so I could have a camera of my own for my high school's photography program. I learned how to shoot in manual on a film camera, how to develop film and create final photographs in a dark room. My graduating year, I won the Henry's Photography Award for my class at the Port Perry High School's 2014 commencement ceremony. Other than my two semesters of high school photography classes, I have been completely self-taught and learning every day using a very hands-on approach.

Since 2014, I have upgraded my DSLR twice, leaving me with the professional set up I own today. Over the past six years, I have avidly been learning how to grow my business as a photographer, I have been published three times, I've had the privilege of traveling as a photographer on business, and have met many new faces I'm proud to call clients.

Explore my website to learn more or head directly to the inquiry section to say "Hi!". I'm always available to chat if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you!

Boy (and best) friend, Justin. We have a mutual love for music and vinyl collections, although our tastes can sometimes clash. We've been together since 2015 and are currently building our life together in Orillia.

Tetley, my little hedgie baby. Named after a great brand of tea, he definitely takes after his mommy. My little buddy brings me so much joy. As you can see, Tetley has adapted to our record collecting lifestyle quite well.

Kind Words

Kind Words

“If you are an individual who is insecure about photos you need to experience a photo shoot with Rachel Callan! She has the incredible ability to make insecurity vanish through the strong positive connections created during photographic sessions. Her artistic talent results in people being able to view themselves differently. From personal experience Rachel Callan has built my confidence and self esteem by making me feel like a work of art.”

Yes, I am LGBTQ+ Friendly.

This is a safe place for all, inclusion and diversity matter to me. Photographs are for everyone, and all are welcome. I will promote love & acceptance so you can be exactly who you are and feel safe doing so.