I'm here to capture you feeling your best.

As a photographer, I will always be trying to make you look your greatest, but, it's a well known fact that most of us humans will tend to be a little bit more critical of ourselves. A lot of you feel you look in photographs, will come down to your wardrobe choices and how YOU feel in the clothes selected for your session. I could personally think that an outfit looks great on you, but, you could get the photographs back and decide that it wasn't the best choice. If you feel great in the clothes you choose, it will most likely show overall because you will be feeling confident and relaxed. ***Note: The photographs in this article are GOOD examples of styling for photo sessions.

Don't test out new clothing!

In order to be sure you like an outfit on yourself, do not go for a brand new one. Wear something that you've worn before and know you feel good in. Never trust a mirror, they can be distorted and give you a false impression of how the outfit fits. If you can, have someone take a couple photos of you in the outfit for a more realistic view of it, especially if you buy a new outfit for your session. I do this before going out in a new outfit pretty much every time and my boyfriend hates me for it lol.

Flowy fabrics are everyone's friend.

If you can, go for loose, flowy & natural fabrics that will move with you. Not only does this promote comfort, but it will create some bomb movement when you're having photographs taken. Having clothing on that you feel comfortable in and that moves with you, will help create much more natural looking photographs and the flowing of fabrics will add so much more visual interest.

One word: NEUTRAL.

Neutral, earthy colours such as beige, gray, black, white, denim, rust, khaki green, mustard, blushes, and blues generally photograph very well. They're easy to coordinate with if the session is for multiple people at once and they generally compliment skin tones and hair colours. Bright colours are not unacceptable but they can be distracting. I definitely recommend avoiding them if the session is for more than one person.

Stay away from busy prints & logos.

You want the main focus of your photographs to be your faces so try not to wear items with busy prints and logos, as they do tend to distract. Simple prints tend to work well however, if there are multiple people in the photographs, try not to have too many people wearing prints. Instead, pull colours from the print and wear solid coloured clothing to compliment the print someone is wearing.

Matchy Matchy is Tacky Tacky.

When in couples and groups, avoid matching completely. Not only can your outfits blend into each other, but you start to get that cheesy Christmas card look. Try coordinating with one or two colours, and have everyone choose a different shade of that selected colours to match each other nicely while keeping everyone's individuality.

If you are still stuck on deciding what you would like to wear to your session, check out this Pinterst board for some inspiration!