The location for this session was Purple Woods Conservation Area at 38 Coates Road E, Oshawa, ON. There are trails with tons of trees, open field and the train tracks run just behind it. It's open to the public and perfect for photos. I wanted to give myself lots of time to take advantage of the golden hour but I also had a plan for some photographs during blue hour. The session took place in October and sunset was approximately 6:30pm so we began at 5pm and used the entire hour and a half to our advantage.

The model is Bria Mitchell (@briamitchellx on Instagram). Bria is a beautiful, easy going and creative individual with a background in acting and yoga. She's confident and her talents were extremely useful, making this session a total dream shoot.

I shot this entire session using my Canon 5D III with my Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Series Lens. No additional light sources were used, everything was natural and bounced using the white side of my reflectors. We had multiple outfit and jewelry changes, we used a mirror, books, candles and two smoke bombs.

Almost all of my post processing was completed in Lightroom. My boyfriend was in charge of the smoke bomb so I had to use photoshop to get him out of the frame on the "Headless" photo. The only other thing I used photoshop for, was to apply the film dust overlays to all of the photographs.