Hey, I'm Rachel!

I'm a Canadian published & award-winning photographer based in Port Perry & the Muskoka Lakes, with a passion for documenting adventurous and authentic memories. I am a tea addict, avid thrifter, music enthusiast, plant-obsessed, pet momma, and adventurer.

I have been obsessed with art from a young age and received my first little film camera around the age of 10. I later received my first digital point and shoot camera which I took outdoors to take pictures of my backyard and neighbourhood. When I got my first job, I saved money to purchase a DSLR so I could have a camera of my own for my high school's photography program. I learned how to shoot in manual on a film camera, how to develop film and create final photographs in a dark room. My graduating year, I won the Henry's Photography Award for my class at the Port Perry High School's 2014 commencement ceremony. Other than my two semesters of high school photography classes, I have been completely self-taught and learning every day using a very hands-on approach and multiple online resources.

Since 2014, I have upgraded my DSLR twice, leaving me with the professional set up I own today. Over the past six years, I have avidly been learning how to grow my business as a photographer, I have been published three times, I've had the privilege of traveling as a photographer on business, and have met many new faces I'm proud to call clients.

Explore my website to learn more or head directly to the inquiry section to say "Hi!". I'm always available to chat if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you!

More About Rach + Her Family

Boy (& Best) Friend, Justin

We have a mutual love for music and vinyl collections, although our tastes can sometimes clash. We've been together since 2015 and are currently living together in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Justin also enjoys travel and adventure so, if you book with me, you may end up meeting him because he often tags along to assist me with reflectors or equipment when hiking, and on busy wedding days. If he does come, try to make him laugh, it's contagious!

Tetley, Dasha, Bowie + Finley

Tetley is our little hedgehog that we named after my favourite brand of tea. He is the first pet that Justin and I brought home together. Tetley enjoys running on his wheel late at night, insects, chicken snacks, and bath time. In March of 2021, we started fostering Dasha (Dash) from Cavan Hills Vet Services, but I couldn't let him go back, so we of course adopted him in June 2021. You will often find him sleeping belly up, begging for the tap to be turned on, or grooming & playing with his BFF, Bowie. In October 2021, after the news of our offer was accepted to purchase our first home, we brought home Bowie (as in David). He is a stubborn, playful Corgi Bichon Frisé mix, and he is the sweetest boy ever. Our newest addition, Finley, is a terrier mix with some brain damage who came all the way from Turkey. His favourite thing to do is cuddle up with Justin or I on the couch, or play with his new brother Bowie.

In loving memory of Squirrel, our pretty girl - July 2022.

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